July 15, 2014

Candeo Colors Part 2: Swatches and Review

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Good morning, lovelies!  I hope I didn't lose you all with my over-share yesterday, but I really do feel better.  Just getting it out to someone with no biases really does help.  Today, I have the other half of the Candeo Colors polishes I was sent for review!  These are all glitters, and one is even a "custom!"  But more on that when I get to it.  I'm going to jump right in with one you've probably seen before, Jellybeans.

I'll be honest, I wasn't thrilled to see this in the pack.  It seems like everyone has done Jellybeans, and I hadn't liked it.  When you get it on the nail, it's a completely different story!  I think the difference is the tiny little glitters that I didn't see in other swatches.  It's hard to see them in the regular photos, and I skipped over and never saw any macros.  In case you've done the same, I added one too!  Jellybeans is a pale yellow cream with large pink, purple and blue hex glitters, and tiny yellow, pink and green square glitters.  I used three coats for photos, but two covers perfectly.  I had no application issues!  It went on a little patchy on first coat, then smoothed out with the second.  

 Next up is Divebomb.  This was another I wasn't thrilled with on the website, but ended up loving in person.  Divebomb has various sized and shaped teal, blue, copper and brown glitters in a clear base.  What you see is one coat over Laman Brisa.  I used the dab method to apply the glitter.

Deep Space is a great polish!  It is a deep green base with holo sparkles and sparse holo hexes.  The disappointment comes from the duo chrome being present in the bottle, but incredibly hard to find on the nail.  There is a blue shimmer in the polish that does provide flashes of blue, but not like you see in the bottle.  Don't you hate when that happens?  All in all, I really do think it is gorgeous.  I used one coat over Nightflight, but it can be built up in four coats on it's own.

Zef is another version of the girly pink and black glitters.  Inside a clear base are various sizes of blue and blue hexes, with large and tiny pink square glitters.  The blue makes this unique to the other black and pinks I have in my stash!  I used the dab method to apply one coat over Aurora.

Finally, the "custom" I was talking about, Sprouse Signature!  I absolutely love the concept behind this polish!  Sprouse is the Candeo version of black and white glitters.  It has various shapes and sizes of blue, white and black glitter in a base with holographic shimmer.  What makes the Signature polishes different, is the colored glitter!  When you purchase Sprouse Signature, you have the option of a clear or shimmer base, 1-2 scoops of glitter (so you can control the color!), and 12 colors!  You can really make this your own!  I chose 2 scoops of holo teal hexes, with a shimmer base.  It's gorgeous and I love it!  I used the dab method to apply one coat. 

For the most part, I really like these and I was very satisfied with the glitters I was sent!  My favorites are Divebomb and Sprouse Signature, and I'm even thinking of buying SS in different colors!  As a polish that is best layered, I think I could do without Deep Space, though it is gorgeous.  I'm also not sure how often I'd wear Jellybeans.  

If you want to pick these up, they are $6 each, except for Jellybeans and Sprouse Signature which are $7.  You can find them at http://www.candeocolors.com.  You can also keep up with the goings on at Candeo on Facebook and Twitter!

What do you think of these?  Love, or leave?  Let me know, and thanks for reading! 

*provided for review.  full disclosure can be found under my disclosure policy.


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