July 16, 2014

Zoya Bubbly for Summer 2014- Swatches and Review

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Good morning!  Today's post is going to be short on words, with lots of pretty pictures!  I got behind on my Zoya reviews due to nail breaks and whatnot, so the rest of the week I'll be getting caught up on those so I can start showing you other things!  Today is Bubbly for Summer 2014.

These polishes all have the same application and formula.  They are jelly polishes with the same type of "holographic" (i.e. iridescent) glitters that you find in Monet.  All pictures show three easy coats and top coat, but they can also be layered.

 Staasi is a grass green base with a gold shimmer in addition to the glitter.

 Alma is a yellow-orange polish with golden shimmer.   This is not my favorite.  I wouldn't wear it on it's own, but it is very pretty layered on top of other colors.  It makes hot pink into a gorgeous coral!

 Jesy is described as coral by Zoya, but on me it is an orange with that same gold shimmer.  This might look good on other people, but as you know, I'm not a fan of oranges, and this one just doesn't look great on me.

 Muse is an absolutely stunning blue.  It has a darker true-blue base and the glitter makes it really unique.  Almost like mermaid scales.  I think of this as Charla's sister.

 Binx is a raspberry shade with gold shimmer.  I like this one, but it isn't my favorite.  I wish it had been purple instead!  Just a little darker and this would have been absolutely stunning.

 Finally, Harper.  I love Harper!  It isn't truly unique in it's color, but bubblegum pinks happen to be my favorite.  It makes a great base for art!
Like I said, application on all of these was great.  If you don't want to build to three coats, these look very nice over the Tickled collection.  I prefer mine on their own, though.  My favorites are Harper and Muse.  I could definitely do without Staasi, Alma and Jesi.  The glitter mix is unique, and makes each polish take on an unexpected hue when viewed at different angles/lights.  Overall, nice collection, but could have been improved with a purple or maybe a true coral.

These are $10 each at zoya.com.  Keep caught up with Zoya and their releases on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestYoutube, and the Zoya blog.

What do you think of these?  Thanks for looking!

*polishes sent for review.  full details can be found on the disclaimer page of this blog 

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