July 02, 2014

Does Anyone Do Pink Wednesday Anymore?

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Hey y'all!  So, I don't know if you know this about me, but besides nails, I'm kind of a make-up hoarder.  Specifically Urban Decay palettes and OCC lip tars.  Oh my how I love lip tars!  Although, I haven't perfected them yet.  I can't get them to last on me!  I've tried just about every primer there is... Anyway, I digress.  Awhile back Sephora started carrying OCC products, and that's when I fell in love.  I was so excited to buy a whole bunch of colors and play with them!  I got a few, then the prices got jacked, and I had to stop buying them.  Around Christmas time, though, these sets with lip tar and corresponding nail polish popped up and I HAD to have Anime!  I would have bought others, but I already had all the tars that went with them.  Oops.  lol
Anime is just about the perfect neon pink.  The polish itself is a little thick and goopy, and doesn't self level.  Of course, this could be because I got it in the winter and I've never really used it.  I used three coats, and a thick layer of Poshe topcoat.  The finished look was actually kind of squishy and delicious looking!  That being, I'll still add thinner before I use it next time.  :)

As of now, Sephora doesn't have the Anime lip tar available.  I'm not sure if it's sold out, or what the deal is.  However, you can buy the polish/tar set for $22.50, or the polish alone for $10.

So what do you think of Anime?  Are there any other colors of polish/tar I should try?  Thanks for stopping in!


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