July 11, 2014

Zoya Magical Pixies for Summer 2014

 Press Sample

Hi lovelies!  I almost forgot to post again today, but never fear!  Tonight I have the Magical Pixie Dusts for summer to show you!  If you were a little disappointed by the spring options, maybe you'll find something here to fix that!

The application on these was similar to the Spring collection, and the texture is the same.  For all of these I used three coats.

 First up is Bar.  This is the "magical" version of Tomoko.  Sort of.  It has a similar tan colored base, but all the chunky holo goodness of the Magical Pixies.

 Ginni is what I wanted Lux to be.  The base color is a lot more pink, and actually shows up against my skin!
Last, we have Arlo.  This is a beauty.  The "violet amethyst" of the group (I call her berry) is actually my favorite.  It has the richest color of all the Magical Pixies.

Magical Pixie Dusts retail for $10 each and can be found on Zoya's website.  To keep up with everything Zoya, you can follow on Facebook, instagram, or Twitter.

What do you think of these!  Thanks for stopping in!


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