July 09, 2014

My First Candeo! (Review)

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 Good morning, lovelies!  When I started blogging again, I quickly realized that having a deadline made things a little easier for me.  So, when Candeo Colors agreed to send me some polishes, I was thrilled!  This is a company that I have seen tons about, but I haven't actually tried for myself.  I was asked for a list of polishes that I'd like to try, and I expected two or three.  I was sent NINE!  I got to try a whole array of polishes from the core line!  Today, I am showing you the "basic" polishes.  The ones without glitter.  I'll have those for you next week!

First up is Laman Brisa.

 This lovely mint polish has gold and blue flecks that make it super special!  I really wasn't sure I liked it when I first saw it.  It looks SO different on the website!  But, it is seriously gorgeous.  I wore three coats for the photos, but two would have been fine.

Next is Nightflight.

 Nightflight was almost a let down.  It is an absolutely gorgeous navy, but in the bottle it appeared that there would be a purple duo effect.  It doesn't translate.  However, what you are left with is a gorgeous lit from within blackened blue polish with navy shimmer.  So pretty.  I used two coats.

Supernova is the next one up!

 Supernova is a gorgeous blue based pink neon with a blue shimmer.  This was the only polish of the nine that I had issues with.  While it is gorgeous and I only needed two coats, it appears that the pigment did not get mixed completely.  It has a sporadically chunky texture that makes me think there are still clumps of pink in there.  Bummer.

Finally, we have Aurora.

Aurora might actually be my favorite of all of them!  If not, definitely my favorite out of the ones I'm posting today.  This is a pale neon green with blue shimmer.  As pretty as it is in pictures, it's just a little bit better irl!  I am absolutely in love with this neon.  This is two coats.

Overall, these are really nice.  Be sure to check all the pictures on the website, though, because some of the bottle shots are a little off!  My favorite is for sure Aurora, but I could have passed on Nightflight.  Supernova would be perfect if the pigment would mix properly!  Candeo polishes can be found starting at $6 at http://www.candeocolors.com.

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What do you think?  Let me know!  Thanks for reading!

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