June 09, 2011

FOTM: Techo Teal vs 2nite PIC HEAVY!

Hi everyone!  How is your week going?  My allergies are going NUTS and I'm hoping that stops soon so I can start enjoying the nice weather!
Today I have two holos that I LOVE.  ChG Techno Teal from the Tronica collection and ChG 2NITE from the OMG collection.  THESE babies are holos!  I'm not going to talk much, I'll just show you some pictures! Enjoy! :)

Nothing to say.  Gorgeous.

2nite indoors.  See that rainbow already?

Excuse my mess :)

It comes ALIVE outside!

So so so so pretty.

If you like blues, you need these colors!  They are both so pretty.  I don't know about you guys, but I see much more color on Techno Teal in person than I do on camera.  It's gorgeous.  The only thing I don't like about it though is that it WILL stain.  I've had to go over my fingers/cuticles probably four times with pure acetone to get it off! What a mess!  It's worth it though.  What do you think of these? Thanks for looking!


  1. Whew, thank goodness I have both of these. :)

  2. So jeaous! I wish I had ANY of that China Glaze colletion!

  3. @Lacquered LoverI got VERY VERY lucky with these! I haven't seen them in stock since and I bought them a year ago! I've never found BFF (I think) or OMG though :(


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