August 27, 2011

China Glaze: Cracked Concrete Catwalk

Hello hello hello everyone!  Happy Saturday!  Today I am wearing China Glaze.  Topped with China Glaze.  I know.  I'm sooo partial to the brand.  They were my first "high end (hahahahaha!)" brand so I feel a little loyalty there.  Sorry!  lol  I read Hunger Games last night, yes the whole book, and I wasn't planning on doing a themed mani or anything but I found my color choices were kind of inspired.  Totally unintentionally, but they are the ones that spoke to me. First, I put on two coats of Concrete Catwalk from the Fall Metro collection:

There you have it.  A grey that I don't hate!  Actually, I think of it more as a slate which could play a little part in that.  I think it's gorgeous, and the only grey I have ever worn without wanting to take it off right away! If you've seen on other blogs that some of the Metro creams have perfect formulas, this is one of them.  The only thing that differs from the others in that category are that this one need two coats.  On me anyway.  If you are VERY careful you could probably get away with one, but when I tried I got bubbles.  I blame myself, the coat was way way way too thick!  If you get it to work, let me know :) 
The polish was very easy to work with and control.  What you see is zero cleanup.  None.  It's been forever since I've put on a polish that I haven't had to cleanup like crazy!  
One thing I need to tell you.  I've been told that the polish dries darker than it is in the bottle.  The same is supposed to be true for all of the creams in this collection.  I included bottle shots so you could decide for yourself.  I personally don't think they do.  If they do, it is a very very slight difference and it wouldn't stop me from buying it based on the bottle color.  That's up to you, though! 
Then, I added a coat of Haute Metal.  I couldn't leave the grey alone.  

This was the perfect combination!  I first wanted to do a very subtle grey crack over the top, but that wasn't flashy enough.  I think the pink really brings out the blue undertones.  Again, making it more slate than grey.  Love the combo! 

Finally, does anybody know why crackle does this on one of my nails?  The same one, every time I put crack on.  I don't get it!  I don't mind that it does that, but I think it's strange that it cracks at the end on that one nail and none of the others!  :)

Has anyone noticed that since I found and charged my camera my pictures have been crappy again?  I wonder if my settings were changed when the battery ran down... I'll be looking into it!  In the meantime, please excuse my sub-par photos.  :(

Anyway, that's all I've got.  Feel free to leave me questions/thoughts/stories about your Friday/etc.  I love having things to read on Sundays! LoL  Have a good weekend, Thanks for reading!

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