August 29, 2011

Cult Nails: Iconic

Hello hello!  How was everyone's weekend?  I'll be honest, I did nothing.  I read the Hunger Games trilogy.  I have very mixed feelings about it as a whole.  Start a discussion below, tell me what I should think?  I knew you would :)
I ended up with Iconic on after several failed attempts to put on a new Orly.  It wasn't the polish itself, but the fact that I really wasn't paying attention and for the life of me I can't find any of the three bottles of SV I thought I had.  Finally I found Diamond Dry which, isn't as fast as SV but not snail slow like WnW.  I had already given up on the brand new polish and remembered I had this one laying around from almost two weeks ago!  I won it in Maria's (not well publicized, as I knew nothing of it until I won) "Maria's Must Haves" giveaway.  She decided when she reached 1000 subscribers to her Cult Nails newsletter, then she would randomly pick someone to receive all of her favorite products.  Well, I was super excited to win, ripped open the box at a blinding pace... and promptly came home and forgot I had any of it.  I'll have to photograph everything else she sent me because.... WOW... was it generous!  :)   In the prize pack I got to choose three Cult Nails polishes and I chose the one I've wanted since the day I laid eyes on it: Iconic.

Iconic is a very rare bird.  I don't know quite how to describe it.  Seriously.  She's a flakie, but very subtle.  Even if you can't tell from looking that there are flakes, they add an internal beauty that you just can't take your eyes off of.  Gorgeous.  Easily the best prize in the box.  I love it.  I'm sure you get sick of hearing that, because I don't really do official reviews so I don't show anything that I don't LOVE.  But, it's hard to find something that I don't :)  I am addicted, after all! 

Thanks for looking, and have a great week! 

Listening to: OxyContin - Index Case
Glass, 2002