August 26, 2011

Nail mail! Plus, a review. China Glaze X.

Hello hello everyone!  Good news!  I found the camera, the inspiration is back and I have TONS of posts I have ideas for or need to do.  I'm back for good!  Until I need another break.  :)

First today I have a quick review.  I feel horrible that I haven't done it already, and I wanted to wear it as a real mani, so it may get overshadowed by the accent nail a little bit.  I won't talk about it, but you'll see what I mean.  China Glaze graciously sent me this polish almost three months ago for review, along with a couple of others, and I couldn't have been more excited to get this one!  I've been drooling over it forever, I just don't buy dark polishes very often so it always got looked over.  What is it? X.  That's right.  Just X.  It is a beautiful vampy, darkened red shimmer.

See what I mean about the accent?  *drools*
See what I mean?  It is the perfect, sexy dark red.  I don't have to say much about it other than that.  It has the typical China Glaze formula.  It was butter smooth and this was only two coats.  I wish it had been a one coat polish, like I thought it would be in the bottle.  Two was perfect, though.  I didn't get any sort of cuticle drag, all though there was a little balding on the first coat.  It dried lightening fast to a smooth finish.  That's typical for shimmer polishes anyway.  Any imperfections you see on the surface are from the top coat.  I'm almost out so the brush was pretty dry.  :S  All in all, this is a home-run of a polish.  Great for fall! 

Second, I got nail mail.  The most exciting nail mail I've gotten yet.  Why?  It had my custom made jewelry in it!  In the FB group NP&G Kristin from The Manicured Monkey was showing us pictures of a ring she had just made using OPI glow in the dark Zom-Body to Love.  I instantly had to have it and a deal was struck then and there.  I am SO happy with what she sent me!  Take a look:

How gorgeous are those??  I am in love.  I wore both the ring and the earrings all day!  I also had her pick me up a bottle of Zom-body since we get NOTHING around here.  How sweet is she?  

You can see the hungry glitter now... Ick.

I love the ring size.  I was never really much of a big ring wearer, but I wanted desperately to get one of these, now I'm hooked! I think it makes my fingers look super long and thin.  Could just be me, but if I'm happy, right?  You can find her etsy store Here.  I promise, if you buy from her you will NOT be disappointed!  

Finally, I have a picture (or two) of the ring glowing.  In. Love.  I'll leave you with that!  Thanks for looking!  

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Gasoline, 2005