September 02, 2011

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: Teal Toes: Giveaway

Hi everyone!  Today I have a special post, and I'm a little behind.  I meant to post this in the morning, like I usually do, but I fell asleep super early last night and didn't get my nails painted... Then some stuff came up with family tonight.  I'm just now getting around to it.  I'm sorry.  This might all be old news by then!  Oh, and forgive my hands.  They are stained from walnuts.  My "city boy" cousin has never seen one before, so he didn't know what was inside the fuzzy green thing and I had to show him. :)

If any of you haven't heard by now, September has been officially designated as Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.  Keeping in tradition of other awareness groups, the color chosen for OC month is teal. President Obama has declared September 2 as "Wear Teal" day.  As bloggers, we all decided to paint out toes/fingernails with the official Teal Toes polish to commemorate the first official wear teal day.

Teal Toes is a foundation that was created to spread awareness of ovarian cancer.  Their mission is simple: Use a conversation starter (in this case, painting your toenails teal) to begin dialog about the symptoms of cancer.  Simple.  When someone asks you about the colors on your toes, you tell them about it.  They even have cards to hand out with the symptoms outlined on the back to make it even easier.  For information about the foundation and symptoms/stats/more information please visit:

Diamond Cosmetics contacted Teal Toes about being a partner, and will now donate $0.25 of every bottle of their new color "Don't Teal My Heart Away" to oc research.  Given that fact, Diamond Cosmetics has kind of become the official Teal Toes polish for bloggers.  I happen to have some as well.  :)  Since I don't want to show my toes, and I thought I wouldn't be going anywhere today, I painted my fingernails.  I just did the Don't Teal My Heart Away, with a coat of Essence Edward on the accent nails.  I got a beautiful mani from it.

I am disappointed that the mani's amazingness didn't translate on camera.  You'll just have to trust me though.  As for the tip wear, not sure where it came from!  You can't see it irl!  

So, to help raise awareness, I am giving away three bottles of Diamond Cosmetics Don't Teal My Heart Away.  

Anyone in the world can enter, all you need to do is leave a comment telling me what your favorite cause is.  What do you donate to the most?  What is most dear to your heart?  I will pick a winner Tuesday morning.  

Thanks for looking!  I can't wait to read all your responses :)  Have a great weekend!