November 17, 2011

butter LONDON: The Black Knight

Hi everyone!  Today I'm jumping right into it.  I LOVE the polish I'm showing you!  I got this as my "birthday present" for myself.  Really, what that means is that I was broke this year but I ignored that and spent the very few pennies I had.  Really.  I almost didn't make it home from Des Moines that weekend because I *almost* didn't leave enough money for gas.  Sick.  I know.  

Anyway, I was walking around Ulta, trying to decide if I was going to buy anything with my $5 off coupon and I saw it.  At the very bottom of the butter LONDON rack, pushed back slightly (and I would later find out it's because it wasn't supposed to be out yet! LUCKY!)... The butter LONDON Holiday Dressing table set.  I had to have it.  Seriously, it called to me.  I picked it up and put in back down several times.  Finally, I caved and bought it.  I am so so so glad I did! I will be showing you part of it today.  My favorite of the duo: The Black Knight.  Take a look:

Gratuitous bottle shot.  Enlarge to see the various colors.

My fave pic of all of them! Look at the colors in the base! *drool*

Excuse the tip wear *embarassed*

Shows all the colors best

So, how hot is this polish?  It is a two coat black polish with multi-colored glitter (mainly magenta and blue).  When I first bought it, I thought it was just pink and blue glitter, but looking closely there is also green and yellow, red and maybe some orange.  It is a very mysterious polish, and actually very hard to capture!  Those extra colors hide very well when a camera is around!  I actually haven't seen any very accurate pictures, but I hope mine come close!  This is one of the few times I'll recommend you click to enlarge.  At least the second bottle shot if none of the rest!  

Anywhozels... What do you think?  I am in love.  Do you have it?  Let me know your thoughts!  Thanks for looking!