November 18, 2011

Fall Fever: A review

Hi everyone!  Today I have a review of a polish that was made specifically to improve the condition of your nails.... By doctors!  Yes, I'm talking about Dr's Remedy!  

Dr's Remedy is a brand new company for me.  This review is the first time I have used their polishes.  I'm fairly certain I will be converted to this brand for good now!  We'll look at the pictures first, then I'll let you know a little about the brand.  

Balance; Defense; Noble
Side note, that is not a light box.  It is a super ghetto set-up that I made just to take this photo. :) 
Balance is described as "A modern maroon with body and balance."  It for sure has body!  It was the exact color as the school here uses.  So, I got sick of it pretty fast because I see it everywhere!  I thought it was gorgeous when I put it on, though, so I'll probably wear it again.  This was three coats.  I added an extra after top coat to smooth bubbles, so you only need two.

Noble is said to be "A sea-at-dusk shade that reflects light and brings dimension to tips and toes alike."  I agree with this description!  It is a perfect navy with mega shine!  The swatch up there is with no top coat.  I really love this polish! 

Described as "A rich bordeaux with a mystifying matte finish," this polish confuses me.  This is the farthest I have ever seen from being matte!  There's even more shine on this than Noble!  I used three coats because it seems that there are bald spots, but they didn't go away.  So, I'm not sure if they were reflection, or just me.  Either way, this is a dark, vampy, gorgeous red that is perfect for fall! 

This picture makes my clean-up look a little less bad.  With both this polish and Balance you have to be a little careful during clean-up or it will run and stain cuticles.  Just like any red.  However, I don't wear red often so I always forget!  Sorry.  :(

Dr's Remedy was created by a doctor who was curious about the chemicals his pregnant wife shouldn't be exposed to.  While formulating the B3Free polish, it was also decided that the formula should be enriching, improving the nails instead of drying out and damaging them.   Along with moisturizing ingredients, anti-fungals were also added and the Dr.'s Remedy polish line was born.  Things such as tea tree oil and garlic extract work to promote healthy, beautiful nails.  

I must say, I love the idea!  I haven't worn them enough to see a difference yet, but I plan on getting the hydrate base coat to help with my peeling.  So far, I am very impressed with the quality of this polish.  The formula is very smooth and nice.  I will be wearing them again soon!  Maybe I can get a wear test out of them... I tried one but ended up messing it up in a day.  My fault, not theirs.  All in all, I recommend these! 

If you'd like more information, you can check out their website  They can also be found on Facebook:, or Twitter:!/remedynails.  

Dr's Remedy polishes are only available online or by calling 877-323-NAIL.  

So, what do YOU guys think?  Do you have them?  Does the idea intrigue you?  Will you be picking some up?  Let me know!  I'll also be reviewing the GORGEOUS Holiday collection next week, so be sure to come back for that!  Thanks for looking! 

*Products were sent for me to review. All opinions are expressly my own!*