November 19, 2011

Nails Inc Trafalgar Square

Hi everyone!  I'm wearing another magnetic polish today! <3  I love these.  You have no idea how great my obsession is!  This is Trafalgar Square from Nails Inc.  I loved the other so much, I had to have this one!  I'll be getting Whitehall when it is back in stock at Sephora as well.  Total love.

Since I didn't take any shots of the magnet with the last post, I figured I would for this one.  
Here is the magnet on the top of the cap.  It pulls off so you can hold it and the brush at the same time, I guess?  Or rather, so you can use the magnet without getting polish on you from the brush being on the bottom of it.  :)  I like that it attaches to the cap.  It's a lot harder to lose that way!  I have one of the *not so good* Essence magnets, and I have no clue where it is!  

Here is a picture of the pattern.  I think a wave pattern would be neat if it were either small enough that you could see it on the nail (as it is, you can only see one it just looks like an arc).  Another great feature of the magnet lid!  I wish they had more than one design though.  Like, if each shade had a different shape.  That would be AWESOME!  Someone really needs to bring back the LCN starburst.  I would *die*.  
Here it is on.  I think the contrast is a lot more noticeable than in other polishes I've used.  I also think that the waves look totally 3D.  I stare at my nails while moving my hands back and forth, and I swear those things move!  Again, better contrast.  Total win.  Please excuse the poor form on my middle finger.  I was playing with the magnet, and the polish dried before the design could correct itself.  I like how it looks irl, so I didn't fix it! 
I think this is my all time favorite swatch photo.  My thumb looks epic!  lol  Also, it shows how shiny and gorgeous my nails looked.  Before I chipped them.  Extremely shortly after I painted them. Ugh.

So, I added Butter London Tart With A Heart to distract from the little dings I had.  TwaH kind of turns the gunmetal parts of the design green.  I really like the combo!  Hopefully it stays tomorrow so I don't have to redo my nails before work.  If I do, I will for sure use a magnet polish again!  SO neat! :)  

What do you guys think?  Do you love these as much as I do?  Have a great weekend! 

*Product sent for consideration, however, I also bought one and plan on obtaining all future releases from the company so take that as you will.*