November 06, 2011

Mega Haul!

Hi everyone!  Before I get to the haul, I'm going to warn you that in the next couple of weeks my photos are going to be a little wonky.  I have switched back to photoshop and will have an actual watermark (that matches every time! LOL), and hopefully all my pictures will be the same size.  I have several photos taken for the next month already, so in between the new styles, there will be some of the old photos showing up. Just thought I'd warn you!  

This week was epic.  I had great hauls!  Not anywhere near as awesome as some of you, but very very good for me! lol So, here we go!

To start off, I got the polishes I ordered from my friend, Pam's very first nail polish line!  She is calling them "Girly Bits."  They are truly amazing!  You need to check them out!  More information can be found on her blog Pam's Girly Bits
From Girly Bit's "Seas the Day" collection I got Street Magic, Stormy Skies, Purple Potion and Razzle Dazzle.  There are two that I didn't get, Sailor's Delight and Denim Diva.  They are an orange and a navy blue.  I just felt like I would wear them enough, so I didn't pick them up.  I'll tell you what though, I am IN LOVE and already plan on buying the winter collection.  I haven't even seen previews of any of them yet! Check these out FOR SURE!  

Next is a product that has been a source of great anticipation in the blogging community!  BOOTIE BABE!  Yes.  Bootie Babe has FINALLY launched!  I actually got two shipments from them. My original sample pack (shown below), and then some "replacement" bottles.  There is an issue with the lid I suppose that makes leaking a problem?  I didn't have issues that required replacements, but that's how awesome the company is!  Look for a review soon! 

Bootie Babe Pinky Dinky.  A pretty pearl/frosty pink.

Lilac Lunatic.  Amazing pastel lilac! 
I forgot bottle shots of these two (see the new watermark?  haha)... Sorry!  You can see it on my nails though.  Brink of Pink, a hot pink cream. 

Purp Slurp.  A pretty pinkish purple cream! 

I also ordered from Sephora.  Which turns out was a bad idea because I have to do it again Friday!  Oh well.  Both orders were 20% off! 

For a swap I got two mystery polishes and Illamasqua Viridian.  For me I got Nails Inc Houses of Parliament and 212-Sephora.  So pretty! 

Next is a major lemming of pretty much...well... Everyone!  lol  A friend from Facebook got MAJORLY lucky dusty hunting and had some Kaleidoscopes to sell! 

I restrained myself (I'm lying. These were the only ones left by the time I found out she had them!) and only got He's Going In Circles, It's My Turn and Rated Holographic. 

Next, a swap.  From Brazil!  I'm not going into details.  This will be a separate post!  But take a look:
SO MANY pretties!  16 polishes ladies!  And yummies.  :)

Finally, my Sally's haul.  Holiday polishes! 

Color Club: Orna-minted (mint scent), Very Merry Berry, Gingerbread Man, Sugar Plum Yum, Orly Androgeny, Color Club Santa's Cinnamon.  All of them were in stock, but the green one smells like pine, and pine makes me sick.  Sad, because it's really pretty! The rest of these smell AMAZING.  Get them.

Awesome haul, right?  I'm so excited to try all of them!  What did you guys get this week?  Let me know!  Thanks for looking! :)