January 31, 2012

Comments On Commenting... And Some Polish. I Guess.

Hi ladies!  Did my title scare you?  Sorry.  I apologize.  The blog post IS going to be mainly polish, I just feel crappy.  Ick.  And I want to touch quickly on something that has been bugging me lately.  So, I'll do that first.  

Blogger has been having a lot of issues lately.  It's been an absolutely constant battle to get things to work right.  Or, the way I think they should work.  First (and the biggest problem I have), I had to delete intense debate because I couldn't get it to work with the new blogger format.  That seriously bugged me.  I LOVED knowing that when I replied directly to a comment, it was going to notify the person that I had done so.  I seriously appreciate every comment I get, and I like to let you all know that I read them.  Honestly, that's why I have to approve comments.  It ensures that I read each and every one and that I don't miss any.  I know I say I'm going to reply to them, but how many of you (unless you ask a direct question) actually remember to check to see if there are replies?  It doesn't happen.  You read the post (or even just look at the pics.  I'm guilty of that too, and I'm okay with you doing it!), leave a comment and go about your day.  So, you can imagine my absolute giddiness when I heard there were direct replies on blogger!  

Then that feeling went away.  Direct comments don't really mean crap.  They are threaded now (yay for organization!), but you still have to check to see if your comment has been replied to.  It's crap.  If you are going to improve upon something, do it right.  I guess it's a step in the right direction, but they could have taken it all the way.  After all, that is what they get paid to do.  (Which makes me wonder why the blogroll issue hasn't been fixed yet......)

I guess what I'm getting at here is this:  Do you guys mind that I don't reply if you know I read them?  Do you check back for them?  If I found a way to email you replies, would you like me to do that?  I want your thoughts.  I feel really crappy when I don't answer comments, but I've seriously never held a conversation on these threads.  When I do comment, I feel like it goes unnoticed.  That's discouraging. Plus, I want you to feel like I AM reading them, and I AM listening.  So, tell me what I can do!  

Now, onto what you all come here for!  I went a little crazy around Christmas and bought 8 Cult polishes.  At the time, I felt like they were the remainder of what I NEEDED (which of course, now includes Toxic Seaweed *fingers crossed*).  Today I am showing you Mind Control.

I gasped when I pulled this polish out of it's wrapping!  It's gorgeous.  I don't think I had seen good swatches of it yet and I was WOW'd.  Check it out: 

Mind Control is an extremely greyed-out purple with tons and tons of pink/fuchsia micro glitter. It is an absolute stunner!  I feel mysterious when I wear it.  I know that sounds strange, that a polish can make me feel that way, but trust me.  It does.  I also can't stop staring at it!  If you get one Cult Nails polish, please do yourself a favor and make it this one!  

Finally, I don't think my baby makes the blog often enough.  I came across this picture while I was hunting down the Cult photos:
It was already edited and looked super cute, so I put it in the post.  Wrigley says HI!  lol  

So, let me know what you think about the commenting situation, eh?  I love you guys!  Thanks for reading :) 



  1. I can't make my blogger add the replay button because the template is not the original blogger template. And I agree sometimes I ask a question on a blog and later I forgot which blog I ask the question so I will never know the answer.

  2. I subscribe by email when I comment on a post so I get notified every time a new comment is approved. Usually this means I get to see a lot of other people say the same thing over and over again but I enjoy 'seeing' the discussion.

    You could leave everything the same as it is right now and I would be happy because I can finally comment again! :D

  3. OMG I feel the same way about the commenting! I was so excited to see that you could actually reply to a comment, but it's like, what's the point if it doesn't get to them? I love being able to comment on your posts, and anyone's posts and if you or anyone responds ,it's great! But like you said, I don't remember to go back to actually look at the response because there are so many comments and posts to look back on! IT sucks they don't make this more efficient...I have it the way that ProudMary has it where I'm notified by email every time someone leaves a comment and then after I respond, I delete the email so I don't miss anyone. It would be nice if there was some notification for responses to the comments though...sigh. Whatever you choose to do is fine with me! Hopefully they improve! I love the polish you swatched lol! I love purples!! Sorry this is so long haha

  4. Major love this shade...will read your blog on comments when this movie I am paying attention to is done. It's one that I need to keep looking up to follow vs. loose the suspense trail it has going.

  5. You could change to use Disqus I think is how it's spelled vs. Blogger for your commenting section. I see a lot of folks use that. It allows any replies to comments to go to the commentator's email. I like it a lot. Sometimes I do have Disqus stick on it's loading...but most of the time it works really well. You should look into taking down this one that comes standard with Blogger and opting for Disqus.


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