January 24, 2012


Hi everyone!  Today I am doing a quick review of a company that is new to me: NK by Nicka K.

NK is a 3 Free polish company that makes some gorgeous polishes!  I was first introduced to them on Polish Fixation when Erika posted some of the fall shades.  

I was sent what was called the "Holiday Kit."  It isn't an official collection, but they are all Christmas type colors.  Let's take a look! 

Grin is a nice "real" green cream.  When I think of green, this is pretty much it.  Although, a tad bit more yellow.  The formula was nice, and it had great coverage.  It was almost a one coat polish, but I used two to make sure.

Red Gem
Has anyone else noticed that all red shimmers look like they GLOW when I photograph them?  The color is accurate, the finish is not.  It looks more like how the polish in the bottle is pictured.  This is a pretty red.  I actually kind of like it! (Strange, I know)  Again, almost a one coater, but there were a few bald spots so I used two.

Sparkling Gold
Gold glitter top coat.  This one isn't terribly unique.  I like it for what it is, though.  It has decent coverage, and this is two coats.

Sparkling Silver
This is pretty much the same story as Sparkling Gold.  Two coats again.

Based on the two shades that weren't top coats, I'm really impressed.  They have a good formula, have great coverage and they dried really nicely.  I didn't use a top coat in the pictures!  I hope I can try some of these again soon, in fact I may ask Erika to get some when she sees them again, but they are kind of hard to get here.  I've never seen them in stores, and the website doesn't have a list of retailers.  Bummer.  BUT you can get them at nickashop.com, and they start at about $1.49 each.  For the price, they are very worth it!  

If you see these around get some!  I would love to hear about more of them!  If you have any info on where I can find them, let me know!  Thanks for reading! 

*Products sent for consideration.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own*



  1. I've found them in a few small beauty supply stores for around $1.

  2. What a great price! It's so holiday-ish :D

  3. I always like metallic reds - but sure I have something exactly like this that lasts well on me from either Zoya or Nubar or both and one from older days of OPI - maybe even one in there of a CG. The price point is good for those who are starting a collection however if they don't chip easy.


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