February 07, 2012

BB Couture Men on Film *pic heavy*

Hi everyone!  Apologies for the inconsistency lately.  I've been "sick" and I'm just not been able to kick it so I've been really tired.  I'm being forced (teehee) to visit a Dr though, so hopefully I can get some medicine and be back to myself soon!  

Today I have an exciting review for you!  These are my first ever BB Couture polishes!  What do I think of them?  Read on! 

The BB Couture Men on Film collection is the first collection of mattes they have put out.  Like previous men's collections, they are all very dark, "dirty," manly shades.  This specific collection is named after action films.  I don't watch many action films, so I won't be able to comment on them, but many of you will for sure recognize them, at least!  

We're starting with one of my favorites.  Commando is a perfect drab, olive green.  It matches fatigue green perfectly, so the name is very appropriate!  No application issues (except on my index finger... I had TOO much on my brush! LOL), dries quickly and is pretty opaque.  At first I thought all of these were one coaters, but on second application I needed two.  Two were perfect! I probably wouldn't wear this one glossy.  

Top Gun
This is the only movie out of all of these I've actually seen!  I love it.  I don't really call it an action movie either, but oh well.  I really think the name is appropriate for this shimmery, dark blue.  I actually do think of the NAVY when I see this shade!  This is a super smooth polish, and was perfect in two coats.  I will wear this one glossy as well.  Look at that shimmer!  Gorgeous.  :) 

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider is a very strange shade.  At first glance in the bottle, it's a perfect rust colored red.  On the nail, I'm not sure what to say about it!  It goes from that same rust in the first photo (with flash), to the red clay color you see in the rest of the photos. For a neutral, it actually works well on my skin tone, but I'm not sure if I'll wear it or not.  Nevertheless, it applies very well and covers in two coats. 

Road Warrior
Road Warrior is a super dark gray, that's just short of actually being black.  I actually really like that it's so close without going over the edge.  It's a nice flat shade.  A good option for when you want dark, but not quite "no color."  Again, two coats.

Blade Runner
This may actually be my favorite!  Blade Runner is a shimmery gun-metal type shade.  It covers well in two coats and is beautiful.  After you add a top coat, all kinds of colors pop out!  It's INSANE!  I will be wearing this glossy for sure! 

Lethal Weapon
Okay, I've seen this movie too.  It was awesome *don't hurt me!*.  However, the polish was just as confusing as Ghost Rider was.  You can see in the second picture how it looks in the bottle.  It's a bright(ish) magenta.  I really like it.  Then I put it on and it dries.... maroon.  That's not so much a bad thing, I was just a little disappointed.  If it dried like it looks in the bottle, I'd be all over it!  As it is, though, it might not ever be worn.  I'm not too into maroons.  The formula is good though, and this was two coats like the rest.  

As a whole, this collection was hit and miss.  While I really like all but two of them, the others were big misses for me.  Buying them separately, though, I would for sure still get Top Gun, Commando, Blade Runner and most likely Road Warrior.  

The only problem I had with these, formula wise, was with Lethal Weapon.  You can see on my ring finger there a lighter speck of color.  I think it is just pigment that didn't mix in.  I can't decide if I like it or if it's annoying.  lol  

So, if you are into mattes, I would definitely check out this collection!  The MUST haves are Top Gun and Blade Runner.  Go get them!  

These will be available from overallbeauty.com and BB Couture directly soon for $9.95 each.   I think that they are well worth it!  

I will be showing you the girls side of this collection, Girls on Tape, soon.  I'm waiting to get a couple swatches done!  I can't WAIT to show you those, they are gorgeous!  

Tell me what you think!  Thanks for looking! 

*polishes sent for review.  all thoughts and opinions are my own*



  1. OMG...very pretty this collection.

  2. Wow I love them all!! I neeeeed

  3. I really like Road Warrior and Blade Runner :)


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