March 28, 2012

Cherimoya Matte.N.A: The Darks

Hi ladies!  For this Pink Wednesday, I have the second part of my Cherimoya Haul!  I call them "The Darks."  Mainly, the two darkest pinks that I got and a dark purple.  Two of my favorites are in this part!  I mean, I like them all.. but some are just way more amazing than others! We can't all be princesses, right? 

Fantasy is a mid-range blue based pink.  It is super metallic and somehow still shines a bit.  Very pretty! 

This one is different than the others we've seen so far.  It is still "shimmery" (especially with a top coat. Oh. My. God.), but it seems flatter.  The shimmer is a lot more similar to the base in this one. My favorite of the entire bunch!  

HW is somewhere between the "flat" and "metallic" mattes in this collection.  It is a little more shimmery than Mystery, but a little less metallic looking than Fantasy.  I love it!  

All of the mattes used today were one coat.  ONE COAT!  These bottles will last me forever that way!  Yay!  They are super amazing, and this second group is my favorite from the whole order.  :)  

How do you guys like these?  Are you going to pick any up?  Thanks for reading! 



  1. These make me swoon - I am having a serious matte love affair lately!

    1. Me too. I'm fine with matte topcoat for creams, but something about a shimmer just makes me die a little inside... lol

  2. Where do you get these? I looove the purple one!!

    1. I got mine from However, their customer service sucks. Erika bought them from an ebay seller (I can ask who), and she had much better luck with them!

  3. Replies
    1. Because they are awesome! I love everything about them! LOL

  4. Never heard of this brand - but it looks really pretty on you. Like the new page template look! Tre chic!


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