March 27, 2012

Cherimoya Matte.N.A Part 1

Hello!  I have been holding on to these pictures for quite some time.  I'm not sure why I haven't posted them yet!  After I received the Matte.N.A polishes from Cherimoya last year, I fell in love!  I finally went and bought some more!  I got 9 of the 10 "sparkly mattes" that I didn't already have.  I'm actually regretting not getting the last one!  Oh well.  Later.  :) 

I'm going to post in three parts so you don't have to go through a million pictures at one time.  They have three "themes" as well.  Today will be the "light" pinks, and there are also the "dark pinks/purples" and "metals."  

Fairytale is a "frosty" matte.  It is a light pink, but almost has a hint of neon to it, as you can see in the bottle.  Dries a tad lighter than bottle color.  I needed two coats for this one. 

Here we have a blue based mid-tone pink.  It is very metallic, but still very matte.  It is very interesting!  This is a one coat polish.  

As you might have expected, Rom-Com is my favorite from this bunch!  It is a sparkly, HOT pink matte.  It is super interesting, gorgeous and ONE COAT!  I love it. <3

The application on these was amazing.  Two of the three only required one coat!  You can also see that application was even and not really thick or complicated at all.  It dries super fast.  They have normal wear time for mattes.  That is, crappy.  I would suggest sandwiching these!  I haven't found a matte yet that I don't have to change the next day.  The good part about that is I change my polish almost every day anyway!  lol  

I bought these from  Honestly, I wouldn't recommend them.  I got them fast enough, and they were cheap ($2.35), but if you have a problem... Forget about getting it taken care of.  I have a crack in my Fairytale bottle and after several months I still haven't received a replacement.  In fact, even though they asked for a picture to "process" my complaint, I was never given a definite answer!  HOWEVER, they are the only authorized seller that I have found.  If you don't care about that, you can get them for about the same price with cheaper shipping from ebay or  

Final thoughts: LOVE the polish, hate the seller.  Get them!

What do you guys think?  Do you know of any other sellers?  I would love to know (I NEED that last one!!!!)!  Thanks for reading! 



  1. Yay I love them , which you know already! LOL

    1. BAHA! YES! Wish we could find these in store so I can grab the last couple!

  2. *heads to amazon to find amazing sparkley mattes* Thank you, thank you, thank you!! These are stunners!


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