March 29, 2012

Kleancolor Bikini Green

No chit chat today!  Honestly, sometimes I feel stupid typing all that out.  So, straight to the color! 

Kleancolor Bikini Green came to me by accident.  I had ordered it from a swap, but the bottle leaked.  Usually, I would just clean it up and not worry, but the polish seemed to have eaten the cap!  So, I poured it into an empty bottle and sent off an email to the seller.  Thankfully, they sent me another one and I got to keep what was left of the bad bottle! YAY!  I am SO glad I did, too.  This color is AMAZING.
Bikini Green

I seriously had never intended to buy this shade for myself.  In pictures, it doesn't look as bright as it really is.  It's a true neon!  It also looks super pale in the bottle.  I adore it on, though.  It will be perfect for this summer!  

Long story short, I hate that I don't have access to brands like this.  They always look so much different online!  Do any of you have this?  Thanks for stopping in! 



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    1. Um, YEAH! It was totally unexpected! Just goes to show, never trust those stupid color drops!


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