June 13, 2012

Another Pink Wednesday Water Marble

Hey everyone!  Ms. Bad Blogger is back.  This time with excuses!  My SD card isn't mounting now.  WTH?  I really should show you a picture of my room to help explain why I can't find a new one.... but someone might send the National Guard.  Or the Animal Rescue League for my dog :/ Of course I kid.... kinda.  So here I am looking for pictures I haven't used yet so I can post something.  What I really want to be doing is showing you the China Glaze neons and how awesome they are (in just about every way), the new Cherimoya magnetics, Soulstice Cape Cod.... so many things depended on that card.  *sigh*

Anyway, I found a Pink Wednesday post that I meant to put up ages ago!  Unfortunately, that means I can't remember exactly what I used.  I know that China Glaze Pool Party and Color Club Yum Gum are in it... but don't ask me the rest of the colors.  Without saying any more... Here's my neon pink water marble!

I kept all the pictures because I think it's neat that the color came out differently in all of them.  I also wanted to share a little technique.  In the first several pictures you can see how the pinks kind of blended into different shades, and how the purple washed out to a pink color (btw, I would like to recreate the three pink look).  In the last three, the colors are accurate.  I couldn't do anything to get the colors accurate!  I used flash, light tent, natural light, fluorescent light... everything.  So I scoured the internet and found this tip: Photograph neons under water!  I must say, it worked perfectly for this mani!  I had to play around with my camera settings still, but it worked SO much better than when my hands were dry.  Next time you have to photograph neons, you might want to try it out!

In conclusion (haha), I'm sorry and I suck but I still love you!  So tell me, what are some of your photography tips?  Anything you found by accident?  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Looks great with this pink combo! I am surprised that we can see so much separation in color in these 2. Thanks for supporting pink Wen...I am not just a pink polish lover, but a now 3 time breast cancer survivor and 1 time bone cancer survivor.


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