September 30, 2012

My Favorite Month! Let's Do A Challenge! (Or Two)

I am trying very, very hard to get back to posting on a regular basis!  I don't want to flood you with reviews so I am going to space those out in between my challenge posts.  I'm hoping a schedule will help me stay on track!  These will both start tomorrow and I'm hoping my art skills get at least a little bit better by the end of the month!  I hope some of you join us!  Feel free to leave links of your challenge posts on mine.  I am anxious to see what everyone else comes up with!

The first challenge was originally posted by Bec of Lacquer Dreams.

The second challenge I just found!  This was posted by Kaki of Glitter Obsession.  Some really great blogs are participating in this one and I hope I can compete!  

I can't wait to start this!  I'm ready to take my art skills to the next level!  WOOT!  Thanks for reading!  


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