September 29, 2012

Soulstice Spa Review

Happy October!  I absolutely love October.  My birthday, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, Halloween, fall festivals.... There is so much to do!  I'm never bored.  :)

Today I am going to review a couple of polishes sent to me by Kayse of Soulstice Spa.  I have reviewed her polishes before, and I am always excited about getting the chance to show you more!

This time around we were sent two polishes.  One from the brand new collection, and an older shade.  The ones I got were St. Barts (new) and Kiev (old).  Let's take a look!

I show this first because it is the easy one! LOL  It is a deep blood red jelly that I am in LOVE with!  It makes me think it is a more opaque version of Zoya Katherine.  This is three coats.   Application was a little streaky due to the sheer nature, but it was easy to even out.  

St Bart's
This is one strange puppy.  It is a turquoise metallic polish, that almost has a blue duochrome.  No matter what I did, it wanted to photograph blue, but it is more green!  You can see throughout the pictures that the green is poking out.  (in the last picture the bubbles were from impatience.  Sorry!)  The formula was a little watery, which was kind of disappointing.  It took three coats to cover fully, but I used four for pictures.  

Overall, I really liked these.  St. Bart's doesn't seem to really be a fall shade, but Kiev is perfect!  I'm sure it will find itself on my nails soon!  As usual, my nails are in bad enough shape that I didn't do a wear test since my nails would have peeled later that day.  *sigh*  You should definitely check out the brand, though!  I absolutely love all the polishes I have... despite the extra coats needed.  

Soulstice Spa nail color can be found at for $8.  

What do you all think of these?  Who owns Soulstice products?  Let me know and thanks for reading! 

*Products used were sent for review.  All opinions are my own*

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  1. Very nice! I already have Kiev; can't wait to get St Barts! :)


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