October 04, 2012

Halloween Challenge Post 2: Bloodlust!

Hello, hello!  Welcome to the third post of the Halloween Challenges! (And no, I still don't know how to add the widget, so if someone could help me out there, I'd really appreciate it!  You don't even know!)  Today's post theme is blood... so naturally mine is Dexter inspired.  I sort of did different kinds of patterns that he would be analyzing (or making teehee) on the different nails.  You can see the violent slashing splatter, pooling, and plain ol' spatter.  I actually REALLY like this mani and I might wear it out sometime this month!  (a cleaned up version, of course).

I found it SO hard to get a color accurate photo, my camera wanted to wash out the red.  I took this last photo with my phone and it seems to be the closest!  I used Zoya Rehka for the blood.

So, what do you think?  Let me know in the comments!  Thanks for reading!



  1. Now these are bloddy nails! OMG! Might work well with a costume.

  2. bloody hell! awesome, love it :D
    and adore new look of your blog <3


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