January 29, 2014

Gradient Fail

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Hi everyone!  Today I have fail art!  WOOHOO!  lol  I saw this in a dream.  No, seriously.  I dreamed of a teal (specifically Zoya Zuza, which I used) and purple gradient.  The difference was, it had white dots in the dream.  It was spectacular!  However, I tried the white dots and it just didn't work.  Maybe when my nails get longer and I can space them out better?

First up, I love showing how messy nail art can really be!  The next two pictures will be of the actual mani after cleanup.  I used a kitchen sponge, and I can tell you... Those don't work!  Off to buy more makeup sponges I guess! :)
This was a fail for many reasons.  I saw in my head something much better and Zuza and Mimi just didn't cut it.  Also, I messed up cleanup BAD.  I don't know why I can't get the hang of it!  Any tips?  
 While the colors went well together, I'm just not loving the mani.  At all.

What art should I try next?  Help me out!  Thanks for stopping in! :) 



  1. I do use kitchen sponge, a little thinner than my nail and slightly longer. I use PVA glue on my cuticles and round tip of finger to avoid too much clean up.

    1. I love the glue tip! Do you brush it on, or just squeeze it out of the bottle using the cap?

  2. It looks like you might be using too much polish, try not using as much - it might make it less clumpy

    1. That's possible. I'll keep that in mind when I try again!


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