June 25, 2014

6 Harts Polish Random Swatches/Review

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Ello lovlies!  I have another review today, and this one I'm not very proud of.  I got these polishes AGES ago and failed to get them up.  They had disappeared, so I thought I had pictures taken and NOPE!  I just recently found them again to get swatches photographed.  :(

So, I love these.  I'm really mad at myself for not taking pictures sooner, but I will tell you that they are incredible!

First up is Bat Crap Crazy.  Besides the name being awesome, this is a great chocolate brown polish!  What my camera failed to pick up is the tiny multi-colored micro glitter flecks that are in it.  Below is two coats.

This is a picture of the three toppers over Bat Crap Crazy.  Although I used it as a base for all of them, I thought a nice side by side picture would be nice.  These are great as well!
What Halo?! is a gold shimmer topper with some bigger (but sparse) gold micro glitter pieces.  It also has a green tinge when viewed in certain light!!  Love those duochromes!  One coat over BCC.
Secret Galaxy is by far my favorite topper of the three.  It is a multichrome that descriptions will do little for, so take a look at the pics!

Moon Shadow is a purple to red shimmer topper.  I couldn't get pictures of it looking purple, but it's there!  Swatches on the etsy site show it much better!

Finally, we have Glacier.  As far as white goes, this one is amazing!  The formula was a little tricky for me, but I'm sure thinner would help it out.  The blue and purple flecks definitely remind me of glistening snow!

So, what do you think?  These can be purchased from Etsy for $8 each.  I hope you pick some up!

See you soon!



  1. Secret Galaxy is really beautiful. And the best part is that these are made in my state! LOL

    1. She has some beautiful polishes! I want to get a couple more soon :)


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